Telangana Pradesh Yerukala Sangam

Welcome to Telangana Pradesh Yerukala Sangam, Yerukala Sangam, Sangam, Telangana Pradesh. Yerukala is a community found largely in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh[Telangana Pradesh]. Yerukalas are indigenous people of South India. They call themselves 'Kurru'. They are called as 'Yerukula' after their women's traditional profession of fortune telling (eruka cheputa). Yerukala is also known as Kaikadi - Kuchikorve (Makadwala) in Maharashtra.
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Telangana Pradesh Yerukala Sangam 2014 Calender Opening at Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad on January 29th 10am – 3pm and followed by LUNCH at 12pm-1pm

Our Agendas:-

  1. Demanding for MLA and MP Tickets
  2. ST Subsidies (6.7 Reservations) fighting
  3. Need Telangana Pradesh Yerukala Sangam Bhavan(Building) in Hyderabad
  4. 2014 Calender Opening
Contact Persons:
Kuthadi Ramulu (9866344493)
L.Raju (9963456050)
Narender (9392584191)

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